Business Setup

The company registration in Dubai is an interesting duty. However, with the help of one of the highly valued company like Shrooq Business Management, the procedures would be hassle free since we have socially involved in several consulates and government departments across UAE and that gives us a more clear and smooth operation.

The Local Sponsorship may vary depending on the activities of the business.

A verified office address from Dubai Municipality is required when setting up business in Dubai. The office space can be varied based on the type of license the investors acquire and it is their responsibility to ensure a valid tenancy contract for an office that is available at the time of the application.

You may think that setting up a business is a very simple task to do, but it requires more than just processing the legal documents and finding the right local sponsor, it needs planning and that is why it is advised to take the help of professional business consultants like Shrooq Business Management, who can take the tasks and with a skilled professionals, we can help you start your own business without wasting your time and money in Dubai, UAE.