Company Formation

Company Formation Dubai DED company registration is the most common choice by organizations when establishing their business in Dubai. If not manage properly, the processes and how a company registered will take a long time and will have more expenses. However, with the business consultants at Shrooq Business Management, which are all experienced and handled over hundreds of company formations, we will guide you through the process and we will ensure a clear and smooth operation.

Companies in Dubai DED are categorized as follows; “Professional” “Trade/Commercial” and “Industrial”. For business activities considered as Trade/Commercial and Industrial, a local sponsor is required that owns 51% of the company and the remaining 49% can own by expatriate. However, through a Memorandum of Understanding, the local sponsor can avoid any involvement in the operations sharing to suit the investor’s purposes. For a Professional activity, the entity can be 100% foreign owned with the appointment of a local agent.

For more information on the procedures for registering Company in Dubai, please contact us at 04 264 2721 or you can email, We will be happy to assist you.